Suzuki changed the timing on gears 1 through 5 so there was not quite so much power going to the back wheel (after the 97 TLS became known as a wheely monster), and thus this retarded timing can cause stumbles in any gear 1 through 5, although it is most noticeable in 2nd gear. To eliminate this problem, follow the instructions below. This will fool the bike into thinking it is always in 6th gear and will eliminate the 2nd gear stumbles.

The mod is relatively simple. Right behind the top part of right side fairing is the coolant overflow bottle. Near the bottle you will see the wires running from the gear box through a white connector and then up to the front of the bike where the ECU is. The wires you are concerned about are the wires running from the white connector to the ECU at the front of the bike (the other side of the white connector has wires running towards the back of the bike to the gear box). The three wires running to the ECU are blue, pink, and black with white strip. Ignore the blue wire. Cut the pink wire. Now that the pink wire is in two pieces, ignore the small piece hanging off the connector (just put some electrical tape over it). Take the remaining pink wire that is running towards the front of the bike and connect one end of the 15k resistor. Connect the other end of the 15k resistor to the black and white wire WITHOUT CUTTING THE BLACK/WHITE wire. "T" the resistor into the black/white wire (you don't want to cut this wire because it is the ground, and if you do you will no longer have a Neutral indicator on your dash). Tape everything up good, and you are good to go.

You can also use the following table to choose another gear

Resistance (ohms)


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