VW Camper

Hightop VW Camper

My Type 2 Hightop VW Camper

I've spent every weekend for 2 months under this thing but the first time I rolled into a camp site to open a beer instead of a tent bag it became worth every penny.

I've added a list of vw camper van alloy wheel fitments for the bay window here

It's a left hand drive 1979 German panelvan with a rare hightop with high door. As always with all of my cunning plans, it started off as a bit of a mess..

Type 2 interior

Not that the dog minded!!

Lazy Dog

A week to strip out the disgusting interior...

Camper renovation

Then a bit of new carpet, a lick of paint and the hound can get back to sleeping!

Camper with lazy hound

A word of advice for first time VW camper owners, always join a recovery service! I've only had it a year and I've lost the gearbox coupling, a regulator, the alternator, had a flat tyre, lost all the light bulbs, even managed to kill an electronic ignition system. I could go on but won't...

Broken down vw camper

It's still worth all the trouble at the end of the day, it beats tents and mud at the music festivals anyday!

My VW Camper in use

Now with some alloy wheels which takes the top speed up to a dizzying 69mph!

Vw camper with alloys

Click yer to see photos of her recent restoration

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