I can't see how bikes like this are legal! She's a bit of a porker but a laugh a minute. Built by Suzuki to beat Ducati and Honda in the World Superbike series but the TL100R but didn't achieve any real success so the project was pulled. A shame really but to be honest they're far to ugly to be world champions.... Possibly one of the best v-twin engines ever made though!

Yoshimura Titanium Cans
Airbox Mod (click for howto)
TRE Mod (click for howto)
Soft rev limiter removed (click for howto)
Ohlins Damper
Ohlins Rear (Pig of a job!)
Veypor Datalogger (click for howto)
Braking wave front and rear disks (Awesome!)
Soon to built stripped and rebuilt with new fairings, engine tune, powdercoating etc.

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